The footage you’ll see of the SpaceX launch over Phoenix, AZ was as weird and eerie as it looks. No enhancements.  I’ve been having one of the feverish cold/sore throat ailments.  Over the counter anything and a few pots o’ coffee and I was on my merry way to do some Holiday shopping.  Coming out to my car, Bethany Home Rd and 7th Street, I caught glimpses of the end times craft gliding through the sky but was hesitant to say anything lest I was the only one seeing it.

Yes, my first thought was alien ufo.  This is Phoenix.  A marvelous sight.  A futurist Santa’s Sleigh that punched through the linear timeline with a Ho Ho Ho and a bottle of rum.  And lots of mind altering over-the-counter cold medicine.  Thanks SantaX!