Dec 1-Open up those advent calendars

December 1.  Kicking off with Spangler Candy Canes and new Starbucks cup.  The desert days are still warm but the nights are cooling.  It won’t feel like Christmas til the big sweaters come out.  A wool beret.  Hot tea instead of iced in the new cup.

Tis the season: Let’s Music!

So much fabulous holiday music.  A favorite go-to is SomaFM.  Holiday radio stations include the lively and profane “Xmas in Frisko” and the family friendly “Christmas Lounge.”  Also included are stations genre centered on soul, indie, and rock.  SomaFM has a station or five for you that’s non-holiday as well.  A current favorite is “Metal Detector.”   Who knew there were so many subsets of metal?