Twelfth Night: 2018 The Three Magi is the Close of Christmas, Start Mardi Gras

Twelfth Night, Epiphany, Visit of the Magi/Three Kings, start of Mardi Gras. It can occur on Jan 5th or 6th and last one day or weeks until Easter. It all depends on your religious bent.

The Christmas decorations traditionally need to be taken down.

At the Cirque we prefer to transition rather than disappear all the lights and icons in one fell swoop. Many lights still burn and the gnome/pixie/alternative baby Jesus gives off strong vibes that he is not ready for containment.

And who can blame him? Valentine’s Day and Ash Wednesday are on the same day as is Easters pairing with April Fools Day.

It’s that kind of year when you listen to the anthropomorphic desires of a toy you bought at the fancy supermarket.

SpaceX launch seen in Phoenix, AZ

The footage you’ll see of the SpaceX launch over Phoenix, AZ was as weird and eerie as it looks. No enhancements.  I’ve been having one of the feverish cold/sore throat ailments.  Over the counter anything and a few pots o’ coffee and I was on my merry way to do some Holiday shopping.  Coming out to my car, Bethany Home Rd and 7th Street, I caught glimpses of the end times craft gliding through the sky but was hesitant to say anything lest I was the only one seeing it.

Yes, my first thought was alien ufo.  This is Phoenix.  A marvelous sight.  A futurist Santa’s Sleigh that punched through the linear timeline with a Ho Ho Ho and a bottle of rum.  And lots of mind altering over-the-counter cold medicine.  Thanks SantaX!

New Puppy for Christmas

This fine lad was in the Lowe’s Home store checkout line. The lady got a puppy for Christmas.  I’d love to have pictures of what her decorations look like with this adorable wrecking ball around.  Ah-dorable.   (Thank you to Anna at Your Art Path for the gif tutorial. Clearly some refinements are needed but up and running. Like crazy puppy.)

Holidays at The Met

Giuseppe Sanmartino (Italian, 1720–1793)


Holidays at The Metropolitan Museum in New York.  There is enough online to experience that you’ll feel like you’ve actually been there.
Holidays at The Met