Dolce & Gabbana | Pasta Consolation for Chubby Poors

Dolce & Gabbana : Pasta Consolation for Chubby Poors

I adore Dolce & Gabbana.  Vivid, happy colors, exuberant patterns of flowers, religious iconography, it’s traditional and exotic, classic and trendy, always beautiful.  Crowns, they have fancy crowns even the most incestually conceived royal  could proudly sport in his luxury attic.

Had I the money for these fabulous frocks I still couldn’t wear any of them because they don’t make my size. I’m not large, I’m just not tiny.  Really tiny.

But the boys threw us chubby poors a bone.  A pasta bone, at the low low price of 110 dollars.  “Here chubby poors, enjoy a literal taste of the good life.”  
And it is good. Working with Pastficio de Martino on a limited edition run of 5000 with 1000 being made available to the state, we can sup on greatness.  The colorful tin is packed with five kinds of specialty shaped pasta, an apron, and a cheapish shopping tote that I wouldn’t trust to hold a single napkin.  

Aside from the tote it is  thoughtfully packaged from the stickers holding the Italian tile design paper to  the finely printed insert detailing the new treasures.  D&G has been pairing with Smeg appliances as well.  They want to make the everyday life beautiful, special.  Agree!  It does come at a cost though and with luck this trend  will be picked up by more conservatively priced companies.  Even poors like beauty.

So a splurge was had and I  finally attained a literal taste of Dolce & Gabbana.  It is worth every penny.

“la famiglia, la pasta, l’Italia,”  Mama Gabbana

The Apron

From the pasta website:
“Dolce&Gabbana has designed and signed a special apron that recalls the colours and all the main symbols identifying our Country. It is not only a kitchen accessory but a real dress celebrating the “Made in Italy”.

It is by no means a real dress unless you are going to a fetish food party.  It is vividly colored and sturdy but should it actually be worn for an apron’s intended purpose?  How would you wear it to show off?  It’s not a Rolex or Tiffany jewelry you can don for that elitist trendy soiree.  Well, maybe if you are an old school Kennedy family member.

The Pasta

Five bags of pasta.  
 2 packs of Spaghetti
2 packs of Penne Mezzani Rigate
 1 pack of Paccheri

Coming from one of the finest pasta makers in the world, I’ll have to eat a few of these.  They are shapes I’ve never seen in my Spaghetti-Os before and I have much curiosity.  I do  have a  Le Crusset pot for the cooking.  Sure, it’s old and banged up but so is Donatella Versace and she is still pulling off the hoi polloi.

Dolce & Gabbana on TWITTER and FACEBOOK

Spot the food trend in their design for Spring/Summer 2018

Dolce and Gabbana partnered with Smeg appliance to make  refrigerators. These are tiny li’l fridges but if you are in the D&G world, you don’t eat very much.
Several styles of refrigerators are now available from Neiman Marcus for 50 thousand dollars. 450 dollars for delivery.  Do check out this website for the other models.
Refrigerators at Neiman Marcus

Smeg  has their own lines of wares that are fabulous.
Premium design.
Smeg. Technology with Style. 

NASA & the Nutcracker Suite. Moons of Saturn.

Beautiful. Black and white title cards are perfect. It’s like a surrealist silent film with orchestral secret society accompaniment. Space and the arts work very well together. Thank you, NASA. (notice the color of the year (ultra violet) curtains?)


Holidays at The Met

Giuseppe Sanmartino (Italian, 1720–1793)


Holidays at The Metropolitan Museum in New York.  There is enough online to experience that you’ll feel like you’ve actually been there.
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