Halloween Eve of Eves.

A midweek Halloween is usually on the quiet side.  Also, odd rains in Phoenix have hampered outside decorating considerably.  Oct 29th has more  Christmas put out but the dedicated can still find something needed.  The Survie’s tent is modestly festive, more reverent.   A few choice strands o’ lights, gourds o’ pumpkins, the gaze is directed this year rather than assaulted.

Target Store: Hell’s Corner o’ Bargains. Bob Ross Costume.

Over the decades Target Stores have gone through many re-makes, re-do’s, and fully re-engineered from the ground up changes.  One thing has always remained consistent no matter what incarnation of marketing efficiency is enacted; those li’l corners o’ bargain hell that pop up when you least expect it.  You can look for these aisles of savings but the true portals  of mystical bargains find you.  Tonight’s offering, a Bob Ross costume, with missing beard.  Clearly an abused and maimed product, baffling why someone would think this should even go back up on the wall.  But it *is* the wall, The Wall, and the mortals do not decide.

Target, what crossroads did you start at?

Cirque de Survie

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