Thanksgiving Division

Joe Bob Briggs Dinners of Death

Shudder is doing it again,  Joe Bob Brigg’s Dinners of Death marathon on Thanksgiving. Click on the button for our Joe Bob Briggs page with all the details.  You want to watch the Christmas marathon too, Si?

Somafm: All the music you need.

Somafm has the holiday music streaming.  Xmas in Frisko?  It’s up!  At least three other flavors of Christmas too.  Metal Detector is our choice around the tent.  Not sure anything can out sub-genre metal, and this channel has it all.  Science Fiction readings, Nasa grooves, Do check Somafm out.

Cirque Press: Survivalist Clown Division

Halloween Eve of Eves.

Halloween Eve of Eves.

A midweek Halloween is usually on the quiet side.  Also, odd rains in Phoenix have hampered outside decorating considerably.  Oct 29th has more  Christmas put out but the dedicated can still find something needed.  The Survie's tent is modestly festive, more reverent....

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Roasting Halloween

Roasting Halloween

The only thing roasting this Halloween season is lovely vegetables.  Usually in Phoenix we are still tipping over 100 degrees but the desert tricksters are giving an almost Fall season.  90 degrees for a few hours a day then dipping nicely into the 80s.  So it's...

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November 2018


The Dinners of Death

A Thanksgiving feast of blood celebration. Yes, family time in America!  See what Joe Bob presents in this oozing fresh tradition.

December 2018

On the Winter Solstice (4:23pm PST) Friday, December 21, 2018

A Very Joe Bob Christmas

On the winter solstice, Joe Bob makes the holidays extr’ee pagan with movie treats for your dark yule time pleasure.  Special stocking wish-one of those Scandanavian Santas. Super dark spooky.

“Entry of the Gladiators” is the name of the song you’ve come to associate with the circus. This version by Julius Fucik should pull the clown fear trigger.

Mighty beasts of the apocalypse tell you how it’s going to be. Purr on this doomed ones.

Instagram with hobopeeba  Kristina Makeeva, or hobopeeba on most of her social haunts, is one of the finest photographers of her generation.  Originating from Russia, Kristina travels the world enhancing and capturing an otherworldly, ethereal beauty.

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