Bye Bye to Spooky Fall friends. Christmas Calls.

Spooky Cat & Metal Pumpkin Man leave the stage for Christmas

Spooky Cat & Metal Pumpkin Man leave the stage for Christmas

The stores started fading out Halloween by the second weekend of October.  Buy early or forget it.  Training us to buy our Halloween in early September if we want anything new.  Scoundrels.

The Cirque has many collectibles that can be retrieved from tissue padded boxes, each item snuggled in bubbly wrap.  It was a fine Halloween and the pumpkins lasted until the day after Thanksgiving.  There’s probably a druid weather rule that portends.

Full Christmas now, troupe.  Bye Bye to Fall friends for now.  Until we meet again!

Cupcake Ipsum Fun for the Holidays


Cupcake ipsum  is too cute to take down.  For le survie, you should acquaint youreslf with many ways of communicating.  Perhaps this could be the secret language of the troupe.  O dolor sit amet halvah cupcake halvah topping. Jelly beans dragée bonbon croissant I love. Gummies wafer brownie topping jujubes cake. Soufflé chocolate bar ice cream pie. Apple pie pudding cake. Macaroon jelly-o sweet topping. Oat cake I love jelly beans gingerbread donut I love dragée I love candy. Donut lollipop jelly-o liquorice jujubes marshmallow brownie caramels. Jelly-o chocolate donut cookie fruitcake candy chocolate bar cake.

Use it for your Christmas Cards this year.  Small talk at parties. Teach it to parrots, small children, the highly gullible.