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On December 1, 2016, City officials reversed course on Wednesday afternoon regarding the decision to allow no annual Christmas decorations atop Camelback Mountain in Phoenix, AZ.  It has now been decided to allow an undecorated tree.

Camelback Mountain Christmas Tree.(Photo: Amy B Wang/The Republic)

Camelback Mountain Christmas Tree.(Photo: Amy B Wang/The Republic)

“In the spirit of the holiday season, we’ve come to an agreement to temporarily allow a non-decorated natural tree on Camelback Mountain through January 1, 2017.

phoenix new times reporting.

The non-decorated part still doesn’t seem to play into the spirit of the season but after all the attention, and affection, for this seasonal tradition, seems likely a few sparkly ornaments could be overlooked.  Decorate the dickens out of that beloved tree, Hikers.

Roadside Christmas Trees

Austin Texas
Spectacular Trees. This is a holiday road trip.
Capital of Texas Hwy, also known as Loop 360, has its own private decorating elves for the holiday season.  A decades long tradition, it gets bigger every year.  More trees, more elaborate, it’s a fabulous and fun stretch of asphalt highway.   There is no formal organizing but some folks have a facebook page:  Holiday360

Cordes Junction, AZ  (MAP)

Between Phoenix and Flagstaff on the I-17 is the high desert’s  Mystery Tree.   Festively decorated each year since the late 80s (and some say before that, they say.  a-yup) the Mystery Tree has  sometimes been year round, most recently for the 19 firemen of the Granite Mountain Hotshots killed while fighting the Yarnell Wildfire on June 30, 2013

Trussville Charlie Brown Tree-Trussville Tribune

TRUSSVILLE — It’s hardly a sapling now. No longer can passersby glance through their car windows and see the red ribbon and red ornaments at eye level. They must look up.The tree standing mere feet from North Chalkville Road in Trussville, just past Woodland Acres and just before Green Drive, continues to grow. And so does its legend.

Some say they’ve seen this Trussville tree decorated during the holidays since as early as 1994. Some noticed it around 2000. Others didn’t notice it until four or five years ago. Some, just maybe, still haven’t.The beauty, all of them say, is that they’ll never really know. The legend of this skinny tree continues to grow as more and more people ask about it. Why is it decorated? How does someone get the bow all the way on top? When is it decorated? Who decorates it?

story & photo By Gary Lloyd



The Cactus Snowman on top of Shaw Butte Hiking Trail.  Shaw Butte is one of four trails in the North Mountain Region, Phoenix AZ.  Though their size just barely fits the title of mountain it’s quite a sight to have them right in the city.  It’s all fast food and traffic and the usual city bustle but drive just a few feet up into one of these preserves and the noises go away, the views expand.  Wonderful.

Pictured Below:  The Shaw Butte Christmas Tree overlooking the city.  photo: Dee Belcher